presente amor

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Announcing the Partnership with OptionRoom

API3 is happy to announce a partnership with OptionRoom. API3 will be providing access to OptionRoom’s oracle service over an Airnode-enabled API endpoint, to allow easy cross blockchain usage. API3 and OptionRoom will also explore using OptionRoom as a dispute resolution and arbitration service for any future Polkadot-based API3 sub-DAO.

By providing access to OptionRoom’s oracle service over Airnode via an API, OptionRoom becomes usable as an arbitration service, and general oracle, for any blockchain Airnode is integrated to. Allowing easy access to subjective data through OptionRoom across multiple chains can help developers on these platforms create interesting new use cases, and also resolve disputes trustlessly. This use case also gives an example of how the blockchain agnostic design of Airnode creates the ability for dapps to increase their potential users by offering their services across chains, without needing to deploy on them.

Heikki Vänttinen, Co-Founder API3

Marsel Adawi, CEO, OptionRoom

OptionRoom is a user-governed oracle and forecast protocol built on Polkadot. OptionRoom has the ability to serve as an OaaS — Oracle as a Service where oracle requests are solved by governance. Oracle requests cost a fee and a solution incentive paid in ROOM, rewarded to request solvers. OptionRoom allows users to create and participate in event derivatives that are pegged to real world outcomes by governance consensus.

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