Utility and scarcity

The intrinsic value of an asset refers to its actual value, which is arrived by evaluating the underlying perception that the said asset is worth when both intangible and tangible factors are…


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El Derrotador Chapter 2

Mateo stood infront of the hooded figure with the drawn bow. His liberator could now well turn to his captor. Then the figure spoke, “It looks like you’re not a friend of the empire” the figure spoke.

“They are corrupt and must be stopped. I hope you are an enemy to the empire as well, because if you weren’t, you are now” Mateo replied

“I am no friend to the Empire. Come, we must get away from here”

“Who are you? How can I know I can trust you?” Mateo said reluctantly

“I just saved your life, didn’t I? It looks like you need to trust someone. The name’s Jarom.” He said while walking away. Mateo hesitated. Then he followed Jarom into the brush. They walked for several thousand feet, to where Jarom had a small campsite. Near the campfire sat two other figures. One was a tall man, with dark hair and pale blue eyes. He had a falcon perched on his arm. The other was a woman, she had elven features. Golden blonde hair, pointed ears, bright eyes and a slender build. They then introduced themselves as Carthar Reyson and Jeshen Sparrowtail.

With his new acquaintances, Mateo would go in to change the course of the world. The group went on inspiring people across the continent to stand up against tyranny, and they organized the Carthars. Mateo became Carthar’s right hand man, and his most trusted ally. They had much success and their numbers grew large, large enough to form an army. They used this army in attempts to reinforce Cardenell, which was under siege at that time.

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