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Charity turns to crypto to fund projects


United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund Australia (UNICEF Australia) has turned to crypto mining to raise funds for its international projects in Bangladesh.

The platform rewards users with small amounts of cryptocurrency that is automatically converted into fiat currency and donated to UNICEF Australia to assist in-need children.

UNICEF Australia’s director of fundraising and communications Jennifer Tierney said: “We wanted to leverage new emerging technologies to raise awareness about current humanitarian crises and raise funds to support children caught up in them.”

The cryptocurrency mining occurs within the user’s browser and will continue when HopePage is open without the need to download any additional software.

“The HopePage allows Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online,” said Tierney.

HopePage is powered by Coinhive’s AuthedMine, an opt-in platform allowing users to select the level of processing power donated and will mine from the Monero (XMR) Blockchain.

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